So after several years of holding an Ebay account. (And several years of not using it), I go through countless recursive menus that led me back to start, to find out that they deleted my account (mind you, it nevers TELLS YOU YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CLOSED). So then when I go to sign up to make a new account it asks for my “Ebay ID #”! Seriously? No wonder this business is hurting so bad. Idiots. (They are asking me to create a user name, but instead of just saying that LIKE EVERY OTHER WEBSITE ON EARTH, they have to confuse you with their HiWereAHugeMindlessMegaCorp Ebay-speak.)

Let me explain why this is so lame: because, I would normally be okay with them deleting my account after a few years of inactivity. Except that there was all kinds of positive reviews and user history associated with that account, that helps me buy and sell. 

When I see this kind of FAIL, I assume one of two things: A) This is the decline of a once great company B) The power train that owns this holding knows that it is doomed, and is either intentionally hurrying it’s demise along, or has stopped caring.

(Note: the official Ebay Tumblr hasn’t been used for a couple years. ebay.tumblr.com, losers.)

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